The Mediterranean

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Pitted Green Olives

AKA “a Séductrice”

Manzanilla in Spain, Beldi in Morocco, the pitted green olive is the talk of the town! After a good shot of sunshine and heat, they take on a beautiful eye-catching green color. Tender and fleshy at the same time, they surprise and amaze leaving a lasting impression.

Natural black olives

Aka “La Chaleureuse”

Oh Andalusia, how beautiful your olives are! Like their region, the Coquillos black olive is warm, festive and authentic. Fruity, sunny and unadorned, it reveals the incomparable beauty of life’s simpler moments.

Olives verte douces

Aka “La Caline”

The sweet green olive is always benevolent, loving to please and see people happy. Their sunny disposition makes them perfect for sweet, magical moments.

Greek-style black olives

Aka “La Globetrotteuse”

White sand and sumptuous mosaics, mint color and spicy fragrance… a sweet journey to the land of the sun. One thing’s for sure about our range of Greek-style black olives is that you don’t have to get on a plane to go on vacation “Greek-style” preservation method produces a tasty, powerful olive that’s low in fat. Grown in Morocco by small-scale producers, Beldi olives make our taste buds vibrate to the warm rhythm of oriental notes in the space of a bite.

Doypack bags

The more the merrier! A family-friendly format to share festive moments!

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