French olives

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La Picholine du Gard

Aka “La festive”

La Picholine… what can we say? Picholine has a kick, it’s not one to bore us. Although it can be sweet, thanks to its fruity notes, Picholine has a strong character. Slightly spicy, with a welcome bitterness, it’s the promise of a lively, festive moment. Better be ready to share over the table tonight!

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And because you can never have enough Picholine, Le Brin d’Olivier have extended our range of Picholine olives

Nyons PDO black olives

Aka “L’intime”

Aaah…the black olive from Nyons. Discreet and sweet, the intimacy of our sweet summer memories to the throbbing sound of cicadas. An olive that has always been there at the right time and never let us down. A sure thing, Sublime. The black olive of Nyons, we love you!

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in the range

For even greater sweetness, Le Brin d’Olivier are extending our range of Nyons black olives to include different sizes and types of product.

La Rougette de l’Ardèche

Aka “Les réconfortante”

Rougette de l’Ardèche is an emblematic variety that comes straight from the Ardeche region! Warm and comforting by nature, it is harvested between November and December. Rougette de l’Ardèche is
remarkably hardy, with its characteristic reddish color and sweet aroma of red fruits, cocoa, hay and almonds. Yummy!

Black olives with Provence herbs

AKA “L’envoutante”

The exotic and enchanting black olive of Provence transports our senses to the distant lands of Morocco, where the sun caresses the olive groves. Originating from the fertile lands of Morocco, this olive embodies the thousand-year-old heritage of the Mediterranean. Whether served as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a traditional dish, it will always seduce the most demanding palates and enchant the hearts of foodies in search of new flavors!

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