The Mediterranean

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Stuffed Olive

Aka “La Passionnée”

To the tune of Flamenco, the stuffed olive makes its entrance. With its generous, elegant curves, it’s hard to ignore and likes to surprise! With its slightly spicy character, the kind that warms our hearts and brings the present moment to life. Peppers, almonds, lemons, anchovies, garlic, ginger… the stuffed olive combines them all!

The organic ones

Aka “Les Romantiques”

A passionate love of sun and nature! Like their Marrakech producers our Organic Olives are a true commitment to beauty, goodness and wellness. Full-bodied, they delight, Mature and frank, they surprise – Brilliant, they amaze.

The pitted

AKA “Les Intrépides”

Pitted fruits need to be provoked! Discreet… they’re just waiting to reveal their powerful, fruity aromas to enhance your favorite dishes. Theyse Olives take risks, innovate and explore new paths. A pure Spanish and Moroccan adventure!

The Aromates of Provence

AKA “Les Délicieuses”

When the herbs of Provence meet the olives of Morocco, you get Aromates! And when Aromates arrive, you get something special… Waouh, Oooh, Huuum, Yummy! With their pronounced fragrance and thick flesh, Beldi olives are the taste of tradition par excellence.

Broken Provencal Olives

Aka “La Spontanée”

With finesse and delicacy, the Broken Provencal Olives flavored with fennel seeds know how to make you smile. Spontaneous, liberated, and optimistic, they love to bask in the sun… and why not take the opportunity to daydream a little. Its violet reflections make it irresistibly irresistible.

You are a professional


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