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Our green tapenade &


AKA “Les Gourmandes”

The risk… is to be full after the aperitif! Made from 100% French olives, with notes of anchovies, capers, olive oil, lemon juice, basil, herbes de Provence and spices… We’re salivating just talking about them! So all we can say is: “Apééérooo”!

French olive oils

Nyons & Picholine PDO

AKA “La Silencieuse”

What can we say except that it’s 100% French? What can we say except that we can’t help but love it? What can we say, except that it’s produced by great local producers? What’s there to say? Nothing, you’ll just have to taste it.

Mediterranean Olive Oil

AKA “L’Extra”

Extra virgin, extra natural, extra large, extra fresh! Mediterranean olive oil, selected from European producers, made directly from olives using only mechanical processes, has everything extra! In 1L or 5L formats for extraaaa pleasure.


« Le Brin d’Olivier »

355 rue du Dr Dio

ZA Les Laurons

26110 Nyons

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