Emma’s delicacies

We’re expanding our range with the launch of jarred pickle, The ideal size for an aperitif, appeals to all lovers of gourmet goodness and conviviality.


The aperitif special!

AKA “Les Festives”

Did we hear “Apéro” right? Apéro” means olives, or maybe the other way around! Because we’re big fans of moments with family and friends, and we’re sure you are too, we’ve developed a new special aperitif range! Generous with slices of vegetables, combuned with spices or condiments, the new sauces compliment our green olives bringing a little spice to your tables!


Spicy Flavors!

Aka “L’intime”

“Viva espana!” “Como estas”, “Me gustan las olivas”
Spanish isn’t all that… but Manzanilla is, and the whole world will tell you so! Very fruity, round and fleshy, the Queen of olives!


The organic jar!

AKA “The BB’s”

Organic in jars, and we didn’t do it because it rhymes, but because we had to! 2 years ago, we added 2 new products to our organic range, in jars that are 100% compliant with organic farming specifications. For the planet, for health and for quality… and for the rhyme!


« Le Brin d’Olivier »

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