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Here we eat, sleep and breathe Olives! Half a century ago story of passion was born in the heart of the Drôme Provençale region. For 50 years, Le Brin d’Olivier has been growing and selling olives in all their varietes. The song of the cicadas, the setting sun, the laughter of friends… we’re not just talking about olives!

Le Brin d’Olivier !

Things may have changed in 50 years, but the Brin d’Olivier family spirit remains at the heart of our approche !

Alongside Bruno Fleith, who took over the company in 2015, we continue to perpetuate our ancestral know-how, develop our ESG commitment and offer quality products.


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French olives

Our Range

Our Range Because Olives deserve all the attention, we pamper them, prime them and protect them! Whether they come from here or elsewhere, in jars or packets, AOP or Organic. Whether they are enjoyed as a are whole, as a tapenade or as an oil. Le Brin d’Olivier Olives have a real bite ! Discover our products


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« Le Brin d’Olivier »

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