Who we are ?

Olives with a capital “O”!

Green, black, spicy, seasoned or natural, from the hillsides of the Mediterranean, with proven gastronomic and curative virtues… Olives with a capital “O”! Yes, just because we’re small doesn’t mean we can’t think big. Le Brin d’Olivier boasts 50 years of know-how, a wide variety of products and a presence in all the major French retail chains.

“”Everything began in the middle of the oceans!

After setting sail for a year-long family voyage around the Atlantic, inspired by the boundless horizon, Bruno Fleith decided, upon his return, to embark on new land-based adventures that led him to the olive capital, Nyons.

In 2015, he took over Le Brin d’Olivier. Founded by Eugène Mourier, the company, which specializes in olive confectionery, is now one of the main players in olive distribution in France, while maintaining a small, close-knit team of about fifteen employees.

Do more,
Do better.

We don’t say we do it perfectly, but we do it better!
Today, French olive production accounts for only 2% of olives sold in France (all stores and brands combined). At Le Brin d’Olivier, more than 22% of our olives originate in France. Where our olives are not 100% French, they are selected with love from local farmers in their countries of origin!

Un savoir-faire artisanal

Provencal know-how

A company on a human scale

A company on a human scale

Our own ESG charter!

Actions speak louder than words. So that’s what we’ve done: we’ve gone into play mode! To preserve our French production, in the heart of the Provençal Baronnies, we maintain traditional know-how, to demand impeccable quality from our products, working to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible… These are just a few examples of our day-to-day ESG commitment. A commitment shared by our whle team and that is ever-evolving. Something better is possible !


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