The olive sector

Simple, basic.

Let’s talk well, let’s talk little. Because the world is changing, and so are our demands. Local, short supply chains, made in France and transparency are increasingly important to us! Ultimately, it’s quite simple: what we want is to get back to basics, to support our regions and reduce our impact on the environment. That’s why, today, we’re lending our support to the olive-growing sector.

The excellence of production!

Excellence, excellence, excellence. We’re not afraid to say it: excellence is our goal. For us, this excellence begins with the structuring of the local industry. We are making a real commitment to our know-how, to the quality of our products and to local employment. But that’s not all! When it comes to sourcing our Picholine and Nyons PDO olives, we give priority to local producers close to our production site.



I trust you !

Saying it is one thing, believing it is another. After years of working with some of our partners and local producers, we can truly speak of trust and commitment. People are at the heart of our business, and every day we play our part in preserving the olive-growing industry in the name of traceability and local produce.



Long live dreams!

We have a dream. The dream of sustainable agriculture. They say dreams aren’t meant to be realized, so we’re going to be the exception. By supporting French agricultural activity through a short supply chain, by federating partner producers with the same objectives of quality and customer service, and by making our supply chain more reliable, we’re getting a little closer every day.

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one of the producers of Olive Noire PDO Nyons

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